9 Signs You Are A Finance Guy (or Dating Someone Who Is)

It’s the middle of the summer, you’re trapped in that subway car that doesn’t have air conditioning, and all you can hope for is that your co-workers don’t notice you’ve sweated through your brand new dress shirt. You might have casual Fridays, or even Summer Fridays (all you agency folks out there), but that doesn’t mean you should slack off on building up your Excel skills and learning how to be productive. We gathered some of our favorite stories around the interwebs about Excel, productivity, and overall badassery for you to enjoy during your sweaty commute.

9 Things To Know About Dating Finance Guys

Elite Daily doesn’t normally make the rounds for us, but this article caught our attention because Excel was actually mentioned in the story! If you work in finance or are dating someone in finance, you’ll get a kick out of this list. Our favorite number, of course, is #6: It’s never about you. It’s always about Microsoft Excel.

Are financial analysts and accountants back in style now? Is being organized and fiscally responsible the new sexy? We argue our types have always been sexy. If you need more proof, there’s an action movie coming out with Ben Affleck called The Accountant. Are you kidding me? A movie about an accountant? Of course Hollywood had to action to the movie so they made Ben Affleck a killer too.

Source: Elite Daily

Promotional Videos for Microsoft Excel on Android

Office 365 Android Phones

These commercials won’t blow your mind like the Dove commercials about beauty. But in our world of Excel, we’ll take what we can get. These promo videos show how you can create an edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files on your Android phone.

To be perfectly honest, if you’re doing detailed and complicated work in Microsoft Office, chances are you’re not going to be using your Android phone (or any phone for that matter) to fix a “N/A” formula in your Excel file. Nonetheless, opening up these Office files on your phone can be useful if you just need to check numbers or facts really quick. We’ve only used Google Docs and Sheets apps on our Android phones since Google Apps are native to the Android OS to begin with. But, if you’re a Microsoft die-hard, these promo videos are for you.

Source: MS Power User

Are Calendars Better Than To-Do Lists to Increase Your Productivity?

If you’re big on organizing your time and figuring out what needs to be done for the day, chances are you make to-do lists, have a Google Calendar with all your appointments, and use an app or two. We’ve tried multiple apps for to-do lists, and the only one we have consistently been using is Keep from Google, but that’s just for simple lists like what you’re buying at the grocery store.

In this article, Dawn discusses the effectiveness of the calendar over a to-do list, and we couldn’t agree more. Having a Google Calendar doesn’t just tell you what’s due, but also the time you’ve allocated to complete the task and of course the due date. For more complicated projects, we’ve been using Trello which also has a due date feature, but it ends up being more of a tool to keep track of projects you’re working on where the due date could change. Having a calendar, however, feels like the task is more imminent and a bomb will explode if the task doesn’t get finished. Or you can just re-schedule the appointment on your calendar.

Source: The American Genius