Dear Analyst #108: Skills needed for a successful data analytics career (Glich podcast re-broadcast)

This episode is a re-broadcast of a podcast I did with Bassem Dghaidi, a senior software engineer at GitHub. Bassem has a podcast and YouTube channel called Glich. On his show, he covers moderate to advanced engineering topics on coding, architecture and management. Data analytics is a little outside of the topics he generally talks about, but there are many crossovers between data analytics and engineering as you have probably heard on Dear Analyst.

We cover a lot of basic concepts like what a data analyst does, tools analysts use, and why Excel is still so dang popular. Then we get into some more “engineering” topics like whether data analysts should learn how to code. We then end on some tips for aspiring data analysts on the skills you need to be come a data analyst and what a typical data analyst career path looks like. You can see the full video interview below:

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