Dear Analyst Episode 19: Top 5 Signs You’re Using Too Much Excel

A bit of a click-baity title, but I wanted to talk through some of the signs you know you’re using too much Excel. If you are worried about a friend who is using too much Excel, ask him or her if they recognize any of these signs. This is an episode based on a blog post I wrote in 2017 on the 10 signs you’re using too much Excel, and I just wanted to focus on the top 5 from that list.

Teaching data analytics

I haven’t posted an episode in a few weeks because I’m preparing to teach a remote course on data analytics through General Assembly. It’s my first time teaching weeklong course about Excel, SQL, and Tableau 100% remotely using Zoom. If you’re interested in learning more about the roucse (and hearing from yours truly), check out the course syllabus here. Once the course is over, I’ll probably do a recap on my experience teaching this course on Dear Analyst.

Source: General Assembly

Other Podcasts & Blog Posts

In the 2nd half of the episode, I talk about some episodes and blogs from other people I found interesting: