Developing the 5 soft skills to be a good analyst

This is my take on the a blog post written on the Mode blog: How to Develop the Five Soft Skills That Will Make You a Great Analyst. These soft skills are invaluable for all analysts and as Derek mentions in the blog post, helps you move up in your career. The most important soft skill, in my opinion, is being able to tell a story with the data. That skill, by far, has helped me the most with my career as an analyst.

In the 2nd half of the episode, I talk about some episodes from other podcasts I found interesting:

Finally, there’s a YouTuber/comedian named KRAZAM who posted this amazing video about being an Excel “pro” and gives his take about recent Excel patches in the style of a video game Twitch streamer. He aptly goes by the name “MAKRO” in the video :).