Saving Money Like a Millionaire Athlete

This post is a little different from the usual Excel and analysis stories we post here. While Excel is a great tool to help you crunch numbers and balance budgets, it’s refreshing to step back and see real world examples of people using their knowledge of saving money to be successful financially. Personal finance is one of […]

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FROM THE BLOG How To Split Costs After A Group Trip How many times have you returned from a trip with friends and don’t have a way to splits costs? Check out our template on making sure no one gets shafted. Read more       PRODUCTIVITY HACK Talking To Yourself Is Not Crazy Apparently talking […]

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FROM THE BLOG Why You Should Stop Doing Manual Spreadsheet Work Be furious that you have to do any type of manual work in a spreadsheet. Take pride in knowing you can eliminate your job. Read more     PRODUCTIVITY HACK The Most Basic Bare Bones CRM Tool While we are big fans of using Google […]

Why You Should Stop Doing Manual Spreadsheet Work

Copying and pasting from one cell to another? Sorting through data trying to find the signal from the noise? Up-level this and go through your entire day when you’re sitting at your desk doing “work.” Creating calendar invites, copying and pasting from Excel into PowerPoint, formatting a spreadsheet until it’s perfect. These are things people generally consider to […]

Startups, Coming Of Age, And Boyhood

People love coming-of-age stories. That fuzzy mix of nostalgia, longing, and “if I only knew that when I was younger.” What if your childhood and adolescence could be summarized in 2 hours? The movie Boyhood took 12 years to produce, but we, the audience, have the luxury of witnessing the majority of a young boy’s life in matter of […]

Interview With Terry Chen About Excel Productivity At Hearsay Social

We had an opportunity to interview new KeyCuts customer Terry Chen about her experience working at a super innovative company, Hearsay Social. Learn about Terry’s Excel experience, productivity tips and tricks, and of course her new keyboard cover. What is your favorite Excel keyboard shortcut? My favorite Excel keyboard shortcut is command + SHIFT + arrow keys. […]