Fighting Fire with Fire: Using Technology to Increase Productivity

This story was written by KeyCuts student ambassador Kristin Hodgkinson. Kristin is a senior at Syracuse University studying public relations and communications.  Productivity. To me, there are two things that get in the way of being productive: procrastination and multi-tasking. As a college student, it is always a constant battle to overcome these two barriers to achieve […]

Why You Need To Enter The Ultimate 2014 Excel Financial Modeling Competition

As a business school student, analyst, or anyone working in the corporate world, what is your super power? What makes you an invaluable asset to your company or your group? Maybe your super power is “strategic thinking,” “communication skills,” or just straight up “problem solving.” Funny how you’ll see all these buzzwords on a resume, […]

Excel Consulting For Businesses

Many of you may not know, but KeyCuts offers consulting services. We offer premier consultation to small businesses, start-ups and artists. Does your business need help crafting its story? Are you trying to re-brand or break through to new audiences? KeyCuts Consulting will launch your company to new heights. With years of top-of-the-line experience in […]

Splitting Costs With Friends Just Got Easier In A Spreadsheet [+Template]

How many times have you gone on a group trip with friends, and figure out the costs at the end of the trip? Maybe one person pays for the hotel, one person pays for the rental car, and someone else pays for the dinners. Or maybe one person pays for everything, making splitting costs much […]

Never Do Tedious Worksheet Tasks Again With Excel VBA

The moment you discover VBA in Excel, you will never want to do another formatting or data manipulation task in Excel. When we first discovered how to use VBA, it was like getting fed ground beef after you tasted filet mignon: you just can’t go back once you have tasted heaven. Many people think VBA is meant for programmers, and […]

Still Not Sure About Skillshare’s Intro To Excel Class? Read Reviews from Current Students!

***2018 UPDATE*** New class launched in 2018 called Beyond Excel 1: Productivity Tools for For Lean Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers.  I released online Excel class on Skillshare, and the feedback has been pretty positive from students taking the course. The common thread we see through all the comments and reviews is that the pace of the course […]