Interview With Terry Chen About Excel Productivity At Hearsay Social

We had an opportunity to interview new KeyCuts customer Terry Chen about her experience working at a super innovative company, Hearsay Social. Learn about Terry’s Excel experience, productivity tips and tricks, and of course her new keyboard cover.

Terry Chen

Terry Chen from Hearsay Social

What is your favorite Excel keyboard shortcut?

My favorite Excel keyboard shortcut is command + SHIFT + arrow keys. It’s simple but awesome in maneuvering around the Excel sheet to select your data faster.

What do people say to you when they first see your keyboard cover?

They all ask: “What’s that thing on your keyboard?” and then I start talking about KeyCuts!

What is a new Excel keyboard shortcut you have learned from your keyboard cover?

Paste Special. I knew how to do Paste Special on the PC, and didn’t know how to do it on the Mac. This shortcut is super useful to know for copy and pasting data!

What are some of your favorite productivity hacks?

This productivity hack is Excel-related. If you double-click on the corner of the cell, it copies the text or formula in that cell to the end of the column.

If you had a magic wand and could get rid some manual task you do at work, what would it be?

It would be drawing diagrams that could appear on my document right as I am drawing them.

What are some strategies Hearsay Social uses to help make employees more productive?

Standing desks! 🙂 Standing desks are known to reduce the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, but also make you more productive.

What is one thing about the Hearsay Social culture that people don’t know?

Hearsay Social practices what it preaches when it comes to its values – leadership is transparent, collaborative, and has the mentality of getting things done – and it trickles down to each employee. Maybe something that people wouldn’t know is that our culture fosters inquisitive people; any question is welcomed and people are always willing to answer/help. Great place to work!

Hearsay Social Productivity

Check out Terry’s Cool Blue keyboard cover along with her neat figurines in action at Hearsay Social!