Should you ditch Microsoft Excel for Google Sheets?

Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel? An age-old question since Google Sheets came onto the scene in 2006. Many saw Google Sheets just as a copycat of Excel that lacked most of Excel’s features. Over the years, Google Sheets has caught up with Excel’s many features including the number of formulas, PivotTables, and even macros. To show how important this question is, my answer on Quora about this topic is my most viewed answer.

Falling out of love with Microsoft Excel

In this episode, I discuss why the answer is not so black and white, and really depends on your use case with data. I review an article written by Dan Kopf for Quartz called “I fell out of love with Microsoft Excel, because Google Sheets is better.” It’s not too often we see a mainstream article about Excel and Google Sheets, so give this article a read if you would like to see one person’s thought process behind ditching Excel.

Spoiler alert: the main reason Dan ditches Excel is due to a sorting bug he encountered in early 2018.

Microsoft Excel versus Gogole Sheets
The battle between Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

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