How to import data from one Google Sheet to another

Have you ever wanted to share data from one Google Sheet with another Google Sheet? Maybe you are a freelancer and have multiple clients, and keep all the payment data in one Google Sheet but need to send updates to your clients without sharing all your clients’ data. In this scenario, setting up one individual Google Sheet for each of your clients might be the best way to limit the information shared with each client. Importing data from one Google Sheet to another is as simple as writing a formula.

A one-way data sync with IMPORTRANGE

In this episode, I talk about importing data from a Google Sheet. This episode is part of a broader series on importing data which I write about here. The main way you can import data from a source Google Sheet is by using the IMPORTRANGE() function. This function takes two arguments:

  1. The URL of the source Google Sheet
  2. The cell references from the source Google Sheet you want to import data from in step 1

There are a lot of nuances about how to make this formula extensible to account for different scenarios. One improvement is using the QUERY() function to limit the data that is returned from the IMPORTRANGE() function.

Importing data in Google Sheets using the IMPORTRANGE() function

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