Learn Excel online with self-paced Excel trainings

Learn Excel through online classes or live workshops. We offer 2 types of Excel classes: Self-paced online trainings through Skillshare and in-person workshops taught at your company, school, or organization. Here is a description of all the classes we offer:

Beginner Online Excel Training: Excel for the Real World on Skillshare

The Excel for the Real World series on Skillshare has 40,000+ students. These classes are meant for beginners to advanced users of Excel. Learn for free on Skillshare for 30 days with this link! The three classes in the Excel for the Real World series:

  1. Excel for the Real World I: Gain the Basic Skills of Microsoft Excel in 1 Hour  – Get accustomed to the interface and how to do some basic operations in Excel. Audience is for absolute beginners in Excel.
  2. Excel for the Real World II: Double Your Excel Speed with Keyboard Shortcuts – This class is all about getting faster in Excel through time-saving keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Excel for the Real World III: Create a Data-Driven Presentation from Excel to PowerPoint – Take the skills you will learn in Excel I and Excel II and analyze real data from a Google Adwords campaign.
Excel for the real world 1 on skillshare
Excel for the real world 2 on skillshare
Excel for the real world 3 on skillshare

Intermediate Online Excel Training: Intermediate Excel for the Real World on Skillshare

This is a class meant for intermediate Excel users.Learn for free on Skillshare for 30 days with this link! Follow along with me as I show you some of the most common techniques and tips I use for cleaning up a data set in Excel before doing analysis and forecasting. The class is around 1.5 hours.

intermediate excel training cleaning data for analysis

Advanced Online Excel Training: PivotTables and Excel Tables

These classes are meant for advanced Excel users.Learn for free on Skillshare for 30 days with this link! You will learn advanced features and use cases for PivotTables and Excel Tables. A description of these advanced Excel classes:

  1. Excel PivotTables: Advanced PivotTable Techniques for Analyzing and Presenting Data Faster – Join me as I share my advanced PivotTable techniques to make your data more interactive, enabling you to more quickly glean trends and insights from your data. 
  2. Mastering Excel Tables: How to Make and Use Them Like a Pro – Excel Tables is a relatively unknown feature within Excel, but mastering it elevates the quality of dashboards, data analysis tasks, and formatting for seamless handoff to colleagues.
excel pivottables training
excel tables training

Other Online Trainings: Beyond Excel

These classes explore a tool called Coda. Take these classes on Skillshare if you want to learn beyond Excel.Learn for free on Skillshare for 30 days with this link!

learn coda
learn coda
learn coda

Online Excel Training Testimonials

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My job has required me to build models in Excel and present my work in a clear manner. Admittedly, I didn’t have much Excel experience prior to this job, so I had to learn a lot on the fly. Your class helped a ton–way better than most of the YouTube clips and online tutorials/discussion boards I’ve found. – Nate, Investment & Economic Analyst

This is a great intro to Excel. Starts off sufficiently slow for even the most inexperienced user, but ramps up beyond the purely rudimentary. I have experience using Excel, but this was a good gap filler for some fundamentals I missed as a self-taught user. – Jenny

Live and Virtual Excel Workshops

The most popular live Excel workshop we facilitate is called Speed Excel (see more about this workshop below). We can also customize workshops depending on the needs of your organization. Other topics we can teach include deal modeling, macros, dashboarding, and more.

Speed Excel Live or Virtual Workshop

  • Summary: Learn the most used Excel keyboard shortcuts for Mac and PC used by financial analysts and management consultants
  • Location: New York City (virtual and hybrid options available)
  • Length: 1.5-2.0 hours
  • Recommended Class Size: 15-60+ (contact us for your specific requirements)
  • Prerequisite Excel Knowledge: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Topics Covered: Moving around efficiently in a workbook/worksheet, selecting ranges, creating filters and customizing lists, utilizing the Paste Special menu, formatting text and numbers, extra one-off shortcuts for analysts, and more!
Speed Excel at Columbia University

Excel Workshop Testimonials

Are you looking for a fun presentation to increase your productivity with Excel? Then Speed Excel’s the one to go to! Speed Excel was presented to a group of undergraduates and administrators at Fordham University and we learned a lot. The presentation was highly engaging with a specially crafted spreadsheet for participants to follow along with. The workshop catered to all levels and every participant had an “A-ha!” moment on ways to improve productivity. The instructor was personable, responsive to questions and interjected humor into what can be a very dry topic. – Erin McLaughlin, Assistant Director of Experiential Education at Fordham University

We have held several Speed Excel workshops for our business students to great reviews. They were so popular we had to add additional sessions! The KeyCuts team is always on time, responsive, and easy to work with! – Rebecca Madson, Associate Director of Academic Affairs at Columbia Business School

I had the pleasure of attending a Speed Excel workshop. The facilitator was knowledgeable and thorough in his instruction. As a company, KeyCuts is responsible and reliable. I look forward to the opportunity to work with them in the future. – Genevieve McCabe, Administrative Aide of MBA Academic Affairs at NYU Stern School of Business

One of the best classes I have ever taken where I could actually implement the things I learned in class to my day-to-day job! – NYC Google employee

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