Still Not Sure About Skillshare’s Intro To Excel Class? Read Reviews from Current Students!

***2018 UPDATE***

New class launched in 2018 called Beyond Excel 1: Productivity Tools for For Lean Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers.

I released online Excel class on Skillshare, and the feedback has been pretty positive from students taking the course. The common thread we see through all the comments and reviews is that the pace of the course is perfect for learning Excel. Still unsure if you want to learn Excel online through our Skillshare class? Read actual reviews from students who have taken the courses!

Mr. T

Intro to Excel I: The Interface

The high school Excel learner:

I learned how to use Excel in high school but couldn’t exactly remember all of the basics. Al’s course was great in my opinion because it was taught in a way that would be extremely helpful to beginners in learning this application, while not alienating those (like myself) who wanted the course to act as a refresher. Because of this, I didn’t feel guilty for not remembering things and was excited and surprised to still be learning new skills. In all, I’d recommend this to those who have no prior knowledge to moderate knowledge (and wanting to brush up on a few things). – Brandon Touhey

Getting back into the Excel game:

This class is taught at a very manageable pace, even for those just starting with Excel. The workbook helps keep you engaged, so don’t skip it. While I’m comfortable using Excel, I figured this would be a good refresher and it was. It’s a well thought out, well taught class and I would highly recommend it for the Excel beginner or if you’ve been out of the Excel game for a long time. – Aubrey Houck

Learn Excel, young apprentices:

Well explained, clear and simple. This module of the course is for Excel first day apprentices. I hope next modules will deepen more on Excel tools. – Lucas Garcia

Your wish is our command, Lucas. Intro to Excel II and Intro to Excel III get you deeper into advanced Excel operations.

Intro to Excel II: Keyboard Shortcuts

Unplug that mouse and train yourself to use the keyboard:

I learned a lot in this class. Even though it is targeted for Mac users, the workbook provided gives the shortcut instructions for PC users – so I was able to follow along. It will definitely take some practice to use all the keyboard shortcuts – Maybe I’ll try unplugging my mouse for a day. Maybe. Nice clear, easy to follow well paced class. – Andrea Collins

Intro to Excel III: Analyzing Real Data

Good class, but needs to be much more advanced. Al Chen is a great teacher though, perfect pace. – Jacob Day

Your wish is our command, Jacob. Look out for more advanced classes from KeyCuts on Skillshare!