Dear Analyst #27: Splitting a cell diagonally to label y and x-axis and COVID-19 dashboard

This is an Excel trick that’s not super complicated but super useful for labelling a simple table in Excel. Let’s say you have one set of labels along the rows (e.g. “Region”) and then another set of labels along the columns (e.g. “Month”). Cell A1 is now empty because you don’t know which label to put in that cell. Do you put “Region” or “Month?” With this trick using the distributed indent horizontal alignment option, you can get something like this:

“Month” is near the top right of cell A1 while “Region” is in the bottom left making it look like you have two separate labels even though it’s all in the same cell. The diagonal line is simply a diagonal border you can add through the Format Cells menu. This is a tip I learned from this YouTube video from Godesignow:

COVID-19 dashboard in a published Coda doc

I also discuss a COVID-19 dashboard I’ve been working on for a month or so that tracks data from Johns Hopkins University, Wikipedia, and departments of health from various states. There are some interesting visualizations once you triangulate these different data sources and start adding in country-level data like population and density. See the dashboard here.

One of the charts from the dashboard

CEO of Shopify discusses lessons learned from StarCraft

One one of my favorite episodes of the year so far from The Pylon Show: Tobi Lütke (CEO of Shopify) visits the show to talk about his experience playing StarCraft and how some of the lessons learned from the game can be applied to a growth mindset and even hiring at Shopify. I wrote a blog post about the lessons I’ve learned about life and startups inspired by Tobi talking publicly about his love for StarCraft. This is one of the best Tweets on how game recognizes game:

Other Podcasts & Blog Posts

In the 2nd half of the episode, I talk about some episodes and blogs from other people I found interesting: