Extra Excel Resources

Here are some of our favorite websites to learn more nifty tips and tricks in Excel:


Chandoo.org – One of the biggest resources for learning new ways to use Excel. Some of the data visualization techniques shown on this blog are truly innovative. The blog started in 2004 and currently gets over 1M hits a month. Purna Duggirala, the creator of Chandoo.org, also offers training programs on Excel and VBA.


Flowing DataFlowingData – This site is not necessarily about Excel, but is still useful for many analysts since you are usually producing some type of visualization after analyzing a dataset. This site gives us inspiration for creating new data visualizations and even neat infographics.

Mr ExcelMrExcel YouTube Channel – MrExcel has a website too which you probably have landed on anytime you’ve done a Google search for something not working in Excel. Many of the videos have fun names and all talk about relevant Excel topics you would face on the job.

MBA Excel

MBA Excel – Full of tips and tutorials that are relevant for MBA students and professionals. Matthew was an MBA student himself so some of the blogs posts are geared towards students and/or those looking to know what it takes to go to a top MBA school.