How To Use

Learning how to use the KeyCuts Excel keyboard cover is simple! When you first receive your keyboard cover, it will look something like this when you lay it flat on your Mac. All the keys with shortcuts will be a darker color compared to the rest of the keys. For instance, on the blue keyboard cover below, all the shortcut keys are in dark blue while the rest of the keys are in light blue.

How to use KeyCuts Excel keyboard covers

Three important keys to remember are the SHIFT, CTL, and the ⌘ (COMMAND) keys. These three keys are the main combo keys you will need to utilize the shortcuts.

How to use KeyCuts Excel keyboard covers

In order to utilize a shortcut in Excel, press the combo key printed on the key and the key itself. For instance, in order to Select All cells in Excel, you would hit the ⌘ (COMMAND) plus A keys as printed on the A key.

How to use KeyCuts Excel keyboard covers

To apply the Autosum shortcut to quickly sum a range of numbers, you would hit the ⌘ (COMMAND) plus SHIFT plus keys as printed on the T key.

How to use KeyCuts Excel keyboard covers

KeyCuts keyboard covers are that easy to use!

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