Thank you a lot! This video helped me so much with understanding excel. I will move on to the next videos of this series soon.

Carmen AioliExcel for the Real World I student

This was a great class! I haven’t worked with excel in years and it was a great refresher course.

Madison LorenzattoExcel for the Real World I student

Very nice course! Everything has been explained super clearly and I learned some very handy things.

Vivien LommerseExcel for the Real World I student

Excellent class for a beginner data analyst, great insight into this particular world, really appreciate it.

Jamuna NadarajahExcel for the Real World III student

Very good class, the teacher explained everything with simple to follow instructions, you can confidently operate Excel after this course!

Yash SinghExcel for the Real World I student

I use Excel and basic formulas already but there were basic techniques that I missed so this was great to fill in those gaps. On to class 2!

Sarah BoyleExcel for the Real World I student
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