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Dear Analyst #102: Building a culture of experimentation on a data analytics team with Mel Restori, former Director of Analytics at Trove

Experimentation is a valuable activity in a variety of functions. A product team should be constantly experimenting with features to see which variant leads to the most engagement, sales, or some target metric. But what about on a data analytics team? Mel Restori is the former Director of Analytics & Analytics Engineering at Trove, a […]


Dear Analyst #89: Leading high performing data teams and deciphering the data stack with David Jayatillake

Most episodes I have the privilege of speaking with analysts who are in the trenches using tools and doing analyses. In this episode, we look at the role of data from a manager/director of data’s perspective. David Jayatillake is currently the Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Avora, an augmented analytics solution that helps companies […]