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Dear Analyst #96: Treating data as code and the new frontier for DBAs with Sean Scott

What did the developer say to the DBA? It doesn’t matter, the answer is “no.” I’ve never worked with a database administrator (DBA) before but know they play an important part in the data lifecycle at a company. Sean Scott stumbled into the DBA world and has been in this field for 25+ years. He […]

Dear Analyst #45: Thinking long-term for structuring your dataset using U.S. public food assistance data

When you need to capture some data in a structured way, you’ll open up an Excel file or Google Sheet and just start throwing data into the spreadsheet. Not much thinking; just copy and paste. As that dataset grows, the original structure you had set up for that spreadsheet may not be ideal. Specifically, the […]

Dear Analyst #32: How to use the QUERY function in Google Sheets on COVID-19 data

The QUERY() function in Google Sheets gives you the ability to quickly filter and sort your data similar to how you might get data from a database. If you write SQL queries, the QUERY() function feels easy and natural to use. There are a few caveats as I discuss in this episode. If you want […]