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Dear Analyst #28: 4 methods to fill a formula down to the last row of data you didn’t know about

This spreadsheet tip is based on a question I get asked all the time when I teach (well taught) Excel at in-person classes: How do I fill a formula down to the last row of my data set without over-shooting the last row with keyboard shortcuts? This problem occurs with larger data sets where you […]

Modeloff 2013 Excel Challenge #3 Follow Up Explanation

Sometimes when an Excel expert provides you with advice, it makes sense to write it down somewhere and share it with people you know will find this advice useful. This is exactly what this post is about. As a follow up to Challenge #3 we posted last week, Dan Mayoh (the creator of the challenge) provided […]

5 Microsoft Excel Add-Ons to Boost Your Productivity

Microsoft Excel is considered one of the most useful tools in the workplace. Excel gurus use keyboard shortcuts as if they were playing a piano, and can make Excel do some really wild things using advanced formulas and VBA scripting. However, if Excel is used incorrectly, it can seriously take your productivity levels down. If you […]