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Dear Analyst #90: Biostatistics, public health, and the #1 strategy to land a job in data with Tyler Vu

You go to a family gathering and everyone is fawning over you cousin who has a cushy stats job at Harvard. Knowing your cousin, you think to yourself: if my cousin can do it, so can I. Next thing you know, you are a research fellow at Harvard University. Tyler Vu was studying applied math […]


Dear Analyst #88: How to learn data science and machine learning from scratch with Santiago Viquez

Companies are generating more big data these days, so dumping the data into a CSV for analysis just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sure you could use Power Query or Power BI, but more analysts are turning to Python and platforms built for big data processing. The next step is to use machine learning to help […]

Dear Analyst #36: What The Economist’s model for the 2020 presidential election can teach us about forecasting

On a recent episode of The Intelligence, The data editor at The Economist spoke about a U.S. presidential election forecast their publication is working on. I looked more into their model and discuss some of the features and parameters of their model and what makes their forecast unique. Some of the techniques used in The […]