Amanda D

I really enjoy using my KeyCuts keyboard cover! In addition to providing helpful Excel shortcuts for my Mac, it protects my keys from wear and tear that typically happens when I carry my laptop from place to place. I get so many compliments on my keyboard cover that I’ve started gifting them to clients!

Janelle KeyCuts

Janelle B

I’m in a position where I must frequently use both Macs and PCs. Prior to KeyCuts, if I had to do anything with spreadsheets, I would just have to dig up a PC and turn it on. Now that I have KeyCuts, my productivity is worlds better, and I feel like I’m finally able to […]

Katrina KeyCuts keyboard covers

Katrina K

I used Excel on a PC extensively at my previous job, but became a Mac user for the first time when I went to business school. KeyCuts has been super helpful in teaching me how to use the shortcuts I had become reliant on in Excel for Mac. Truly a great product!


Jorge A

The Cool Blue keyboard cover has been a great tool to remember the basic Excel shortcuts!

Justin Testimonial for KeyCuts Excel keyboard cover

Justin W

My KeyCuts keyboard cover has taken notice! In addition to its eye-catching electric blue spirit, the cover has made the transition from Mac to PC an easier one when it comes to Excel.

Mae Testimonial for KeyCuts Excel keyboard cover

Mae F

KeyCuts has helped expedite my work because the shortcuts are ready at my fingertips. It’s also helped me transition from a PC to a Mac. The cover is thin and tactile and protects my computer. Love the neon pink — it adds flash and gets compliments.

Tim Testimonial for KeyCuts Excel keyboard cover

Tim N

It’s often said there are no shortcuts in life. Sure, maybe this is true. But with KeyCuts I’ve learned how to manipulate formats and basic functions in Excel such as autosum, sorting, and paste special without using my mouse and cutting down the time I spend in spreadsheets.

Veli Testimonial for KeyCuts Excel keyboard cover

Veli P

I love the cover since I use it for 2 functions — protect my keyboard from spills and smoothly transition to Excel on a Mac. I use the shortcuts all the time!

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